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Currently Online Image offers the following 3 main products:

  1. VoterConnectSM – A complete online grassroots management platform
  2. US GeocoderSM – A genius geocoding engine provides most accurate address data at the best price, from standardized address to political jurisdiction information, geographical data and much more!
  3. California Sales and Use Tax Solutions – Complete California Sales and Use Tax solutions for online stores and accounting software, offering the most up-to-date sales tax rates through California Sales and Use Tax Table, Sales and Use Tax API and customer eCommerce application development.

In 2008, we started VoterConnect with the idea of leveraging an organization’s relationship with its Members to more effectively reach its goals. VoterConnect empowers and encourages members to reach out to their family, friends, and people who trust them. This Trust Networking has the power to double, even triple, an organization’s member roster and support for an issue or candidate. It’s the most powerful online grassroots management platform available.

The biggest challenge in developing VoterConnect was to accurately identify the legislative districts and other political jurisdictions in which a member resides so as to connect the member to the proper elected officials. In order to avoid the inaccuracy and expense of using a third-party product, we developed our own US Geocoder and proprietary District Auto-Population features. These allow members to manually validate their physical addresses and correct their locations on the map. The result is industry-best district matching accuracy.

Online Image first developed its California Sales Tax Solution in 2002 for use with third-party shopping carts. We discovered that large shopping cart software and a lot of popular online stores such as Yahoo Online Stores and Paypal merchant services give options to set up sales tax rates by zip code range. So we had to gather the same information again and again for each project. In addition, the Board of Equalization (BOE) updates sales tax rates on a regular basis so we found ourselves routinely updating the sales tax rates. Being programmers ourselves, we understood that other programmers were probably dealing with the same inefficiencies so we made it available for others.

The challenge with maintaining Zip Code Sales Tax is that the US Postal Service continually adds and retires zip codes. With the power of US Geocoder, we are able to maintain zip codes provided US Postal System. In 2012, we introduced California Sales and Use Tax API. It overcomes the inaccuracy caused by using zip code and city method to determine tax rates. It takes the street address and zip code, runs them through US Geocoder, receives county, city, and incorporation information, talks to the latest tax rate database published by California Board of Equalization, then returns the REALTIME tax rates to your application. It provides the most accurate tax rates with 100% tax compliance!