VoterConnect SM

Innovative Online Solution for Grassroots Management

The Grassroots Management platform utilizes TIGER data, U.S. Census Bureau demographics, and US Postal Service Address data to identify voters’ national and state voting districts and to auto populate their corresponding legislators. This state-of-the-art proprietary methodology provides industry-best matching accuracy.

VoterConnectTM offers the following modules for complete online grassroots management:

  1. Constituent Manager
  2. Content Manager
  3. Advocacy Manager
  4. Candidate Manager
  5. eNewsletter Manager
  6. Fundraising Manager
  7. Online Store Manager

VoterConnect includes the following innovative features:

  1. Targeted lobbying: Allows an organization to identify the members of all committees in national and state legislatures. The organization can then ask its members to send communiqués to the committee members from their respective voting districts. This allows the organization to voice its position at the earliest stages of a bill’s consideration.
  2. Multilevel Administration: : An organization can establish National Administrators and State Administrators and delegate appropriate tasks and responsibilities to each.
  3. trust networking: VoterConnectTM powers private networking. Individual members can build and manage networks of trusted people. Networking allows the organization to grow rapidly and maximize member power. A good example is the Doctor-Patient module, by which a Doctor can sign up his patents to join an organization that support health care related issues.
  4. Most robust reporting system: With VoterConnectTM, an organization can generate reports having state of the art depth of analysis. View performance from multiple perspectives with dynamic graphics and statistics. Run customized reports with optional fields and filters.

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